nSpire AI

Hire fast. Hire right. Hire diversely.

Get a holistic understanding of people, and opportunities. Find the best match.

Talent intelligence, coupled with AI-based systems for comprehensive, efficient, equitable recruiting.

Meet Theo, your intelligent AI co-pilot for recruiting

Find the needle in the haystack with 300+ proprietary attributes, and AI-powered processes

Instant, in-depth review of all candidates

Screen thousands of candidates effortlessly, get multi-dimensional candidate insights from internal and external sources, and reduce bias.

50% reduction in time to hire

Automate recruiter note-taking, and clarifying questions. Allow Theo to conduct preliminary AI video interviews. Spend your time talking to a high quality shortlist.

Unlock the value of your Talent CRM

Find the right candidate from your existing pool of candidates. Look at past applicants, as well as existing employees, leading to a better candidate, and employee experience.

Theo for Talent Acquisition teams

Build a long term workforce by finding the best matches. Get new recruiters up to speed quickly, and elevate candidate experience.

Review 100% of your applicants thoroughly

Get instant match recommendations

Unlock the power of your latent talent pool

Get candidate matching against every new opportunity

Automate tedious but important workflows

Automate follow-up questions, recruiter notes, preliminary AI interview, recruiter coaching with AI

Dynamic & deep candidate assessment

Find a deep match score to assess the candidate with multi-dimensional data points, and rank your top candidates

Close the hiring decision faster

Make stakeholder collaboration easy, and make debriefs efficient

Theo for Recruitment Agencies

Spend more time sourcing clients, and building candidate relationships. Leave the matchmaking to us.

Reduce time to hire by 50%

Use enriched candidate profiles to instantly shortlist candidates from your talent pool against opportunities

Boost hiring rates

Help the right candidates tell their best story

Find lookalike candidates

Easily find more candidates based on your selection criteria with "Find candidates like this"

Get new recruiters up to speed

Instantly onboard new recruiters with Smart Questions and Smart Recommend
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