nSpire AI

Empower students. Boost placement rates.

Personalized AI coaching for all students to enhance soft skills, practice interviews, and craft their best pitch.

Real-time student insights for higher education institutes to make data informed decisions to boost placement rates.

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Meet Theo, the 24/7 AI career coach for students

Tailored guidance personalized for every student to enhance career success

Consistent practice, better interviews

“>Personalized guidance on soft skills, and storytelling. Enhance interview performance with real-time feedback.

Deeper insights from career counselors

Career counselors can focus on high-impact areas by offloading routine interview preparation to Theo.

Real-time student insights, outcome driven decisions

Universities can identify skill gaps, gauge student’s interests, and help them land their dream jobs.

Theo for Job Seekers

Tailor resumes personalized to job descriptions

Practice interviews, and get instant feedback on structure, content and delivery, personalized to you, anytime

Craft your perfect pitch with Theo’s guidance

Maintain a professional journal, which automatically updates your resume

Theo for Career Services

Comprehensively serve all students in their preparedness efforts

Enable your counsellors to do high impact work

Get real-time student insights to identify skill gaps, and make informed decisions to boost placement rates

Theo for Incubators/Accelerators

Empowers budding entrepreneurs by helping them create a comprehensive business plan

Helps them create their draft pitch deck, elevator pitch, and investor emails with Theo

Gives actionable and personalized feedback on their entire pitch, or just a section, and creates alternate versions based on business plan

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